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Stephen Williamson is Emeritus Professor, University of Surrey and a graduate of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Imperial College. He spent most of his career in academia, punctuated by a short spell as Technical Director of Brook Compton. In his academic career he has held posts at Aberdeen, Imperial College, Cambridge and Manchester before finally moving to Surrey to be the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation. He retired in 2013.

In 2015, Steve stepped down from the Chair of Rolls-Royce’s Electrical, Control Systems and Electronics Advisory Board, a position he had held for thirteen years. He was Chair of the RAE2008 Sub-Panel for Electrical and Electronic Engineering and of its successor sub-panel for REF2014, as well as Chair of the Electrical Engineering sub-panel for Hong Kong’s RAE2014. He has been awarded seven IEE Premiums for his published papers, including two divisional premiums, an IEE Achievement Award (2000) and the IEEE Nikola Tesla Award 2000.

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