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PhD studentship opportunities

In order to achieve net zero by 2050, a paradigm shift in energy conversion technologies is needed. Superconductors are a key enabling technology to realize a zero carbon future. Some emerging technologies include superconducting motors and drives for zero emission propulsion, superconducting cables for renewable energy integration and superconducting magnets for fusion.

An enthusiastic PhD student is invited to join the Applied Superconductivity Group to conduct research in the design, construction and testing of superconducting technologies for energy conversion. Details can be found in the link below.

Postdoc positions

There are two full time research associate positions to investigate cryogenic propulsion system for electric aircraft. This project aims to focus on the design and optimisation of a fully superconducting machines with a power density target higher than 20 kW/kg. The post holders will be collaborating with world leading industry partner in this field and work in a friendly and inspiring team. The salary is between £33-45k per year depending on your experience.  


Please get it touch with Min Zhang  if you are interested.

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