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Our facilities mainly include HTS Machine Testing Platform, two types of Cooling Systems, Cryogenic Testing Facility for Power Electronics Switches and Superconducting in the loop real time simulation platform.


HTS Machine Testing Platform

In our experiment, the AC loss testing platform based on electrical transport method, presenting the experimental system, which includes an AC power supplier, power amplifier, NI data acquisition, LabVIEW interface panel, LN2 tank, shunt, HTS cable and compensation coil. This platform is designed to measure the total transport loss of HTS cable at 77 K liquid nitrogen temperature. 

A HTS machine platform was developed, as illustrated in this picture to measure the total AC loss of HTS cable, based on the calorimetric boiling-off of liquid nitrogen method. This machine is designed to operate at a peak speed of 300 RPM, generating a 10 Hz three-phase voltage output. The total AC loss is calculated by measuring the flow rate of nitrogen gas from the measurement chamber. 



Helium Gas Circulation Cooling System


This cooling system provides pre-cooled helium gas with controlled flow rate and pressure. It provides  a 20 W cooling power at 20 K and a 100 W cooling power at 40 K.


Conduction Cooling System

This cooling system provides conduction cooling with Helium compressor-cold head. It provides  a 1st stage cooling capacity 175/200 W at 50/60 Hz. Cooling power at 40 K is 80/95 W at 50/60 Hz. The minimum observed temperature is 14 K.



Cryogenic testing facility for power electronics switches

Double pulse, paralleling testing facility.
Forward voltage and break down voltage testing.
Power cycling and temperature cycling.

图片 2.png


Superconducting in the loop real time simulation platform

We have dedicated access to a 3 rack/ 216 node 50us real time digital simulator and can perform superconducting hardware in the loop experiment to study the real time impact of a superconducting device in a network. 

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