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Latest News

07 Oct 2023

Felix Huber Successfully Defends PhD Viva on Tokamak Fusion Reactor Research.


04 Oct 2023

Group members attend the 3rd EFATS Workshop on Hydrogen Fuelled Superconducting Powertrains for Aviation workshop in Brisol, UK.


07 Sep 2023

Group members present their works and expand horizons at the 16th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity in Bologna, Italy.


14 June 2023

Research Group Holds Productive Meeting to Discuss Future Plans and Share Recent Work.


24 May 2023

Mr. Xiaodong Li is invited to present his academic research on high field fusion magnets.


21 Mar 2023

Calvin C. T. Chow Visitor from Hong Kong University gives talk on superconducting tapes and visits lab.


13 Jan 2023

Our last work on a hybrid HTS trapped field magnet was figured as a cover image for the Journal of Applied Physics.

Hengpei paper cover.png

31 Jul 2022

Embraces Nature and Togetherness: Our group had a memorable day of hiking and lunch by the Shores of Loch Lomond


30 May 2022

Emiliano Frulloni, the Chief Technology Officer of SuperNode Ltd, with his colleges visited the Applied Superconductivity laboratory to discuss research collaboration.


28 Apr 2022

Roger Gardner and Donna Lynch from the UK Aerospace Research Consortium (UK-ARC) visited the Applied Superconductivity laboratory to discuss research collaboration.


02 Mar 2022

The University of Strathclyde is delighted to be part of the Superconductor Applications for Dense Energy Transmission (SCADET) project. Prof Yuan will lead the work package to conduct state of art and market assessment of superconducting cable technologies.


11 Feb 2022

The Applied Superconductivity Group presented one-day, in-person course designed to provide delegates with an introduction to the application of hydrogen as a fuel or as a coolant, as well as superconductors for future aircraft.


04 Feb 2022

Prof Markus Muller and Prof Alasdair McDonald  from the University of Edinburgh visited the Applied Superconductivity laboratory to discuss research collaboration.


01 Dec 2021

Mr Shiyao YU is now in the research group as PhD student


18 Nov 2021

Dr Ercan Ertekin is in the research group as an academic visitor between 18th November 2021 to 18th November 2022


01 Nov 2021

Our student Dr Fangjing Weng successfully obtained his PhD degree in Nov 2021

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